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The Agricultural College, Bapatla had its genesis in the year 1945. Since its inception, the college had assumed responsibilities of providing agricultural education and technologies with rectitude enthusiasm. The undergraduate program, B.Sc. (Agriculture) of 4 years tenure was offered in the college with a primary focus on training the students on the real-world research and practices in agricultural science, dealing with disciplines like Agronomy, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Soil Science, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Crop physiology, Economics, Extension, statistics and computer applications, Horticulture and Biochemistry.

Conducting practical’s by involving the students is given the topmost priority with the share of 40% of the course work. The practical’s were being conducted in the well-equipped laboratories present in the respective departments. Theory classes were being taken in the classrooms with all the audio-visual aids by dividing the students into batches. The students were selected and were sent to various institutes under the international development program (IDP) and were trained in the various national institutes under the national development program (NDP).

Comprehensive knowledge of usage of seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and growth hormones along with the mode of calculations to various field conditions was imparted to the students. Besides, they were also involved in handling agricultural implements like sprayers, tractors, cultivators, etc. The hands-on training was given to the students in interpreting the meteorological data, GPS, emasculation and pollination procedures, observing the structure and modifications of different parts of insects, sampling of insects, detection, and diagnosis of various pests and diseases of agricultural and horticultural crops. Each student was individually involved in using computers and statistical tools.

For improving the farming and entrepreneurial skills of students, they were involved in the rural agricultural work experience program (RAWEP) and experiential learning program (ELP). Enhancement of leadership skills was being done by involving students in national cadet corps (NCC) and national service scheme (NSS). Practical exposures were being given by taking the students to the research stations, agricultural and horticultural farms, and various government organizations and making them interact with the farmers by conducting short surveys. A gym and sports complex with a good indoor stadium was being provided to the students for involving them in various indoor and outdoor games. Every year competitions were being conducted at the college level for sports and cultural events for improving the abilities of the students.

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Agriculture i. e B. Sc (Ag) programme was modified as Bachelor of Science Honours in Agriculture i.e. B. Sc (Hons.) Agril from the year 2016.

Name of the Programme Duration System
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Agriculture 4 years Semester
Name of the Programme Total Intake/year Number of Theory Batches (per year) Number of students in theory class Number of Practical Batches
(per year)
Number of students in Practical class
B..Sc (Hons) Agriculture 240 2 120 4 60

**      The intake for UG Programmes decided as per the allotment made by University.