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As a constituent College of Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) and in tune with the ANGRAU’s Vision 2020 Strategic Plan Document, the mandated mission statements of this College are:


To train the manpower needed for agricultural development of the State of Andhra Pradesh.


To constantly improve and generate technologies for increasing production in agriculture.


To assist through the development departments of the Government, in the process of dissemination of the improved technologies to the farmers of Andhra Pradesh

ANGRAU’s Mission statement
“Making Agriculture Profitable”


The following goals are set for this college keeping in view the vision and mission of the University and College.

  1. Making Agriculture in Andhra Pradesh viable and profitable through quality education in Agricultural Sciences.
  2. Developing qualified and competent human resources for the emerging new trends in Agriculture.
  3. Making Agriculture sustainable in the changing global climatic scenario.
  4. Ensuring efficient transfer of the latest technology to the farmers.
  1. Providing agricultural education mainly to the rural people in the State of Andhra Pradesh in Agriculture.
  2. Improving the quality and relevance of undergraduate and postgraduate education by strengthening UG and PG curricular and research programmes.
  3. Creating professional development opportunities for teachers through exposure to recent advances and teaching capabilities.
  4. Training human resources in core and emerging areas by introducing new courses / programmes.
  5. Providing international / global exposure to students and faculty.
  6. Creating entrepreneurial skills and to encourage interaction with business leaders and agribusiness trade and industry.
  7. Training youth and women to acquire practical skills and enable them to serve as grass root level functionaries or entrepreneurs.
  1. To create awareness and interest among the rural youth of Andhra Pradesh in Agriculture and Agricultural production.
  2. To provide quality education at UG and PG level by adopting new course curriculum based on emerging trends in agriculture.
  3. To impart rural work experience through RAWE programme and entrepreneurial skills through AEL programmes.
  4. To create interest in the young minds towards research and development in Agriculture.
  5. To equip the students to meet the changing trends in agriculture.
  6. To carry out research by students based on the local agricultural problems by identifying the gaps in technology.
  7. To encourage the students in taking up higher education at national and international institutes.
  8. To develop ICTs for fast dissemination of information on farmer related problems.