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Library System:

Library is the heart of Educational Institutions and plays a vital role in supporting teaching, learning, research activities and provides the prime source of agricultural information. The main motto of library is to accomplish its task of reaching to wider user community which comprises of Teachers, Scientists, Extension Specialists and Students. The Regional Library, Agricultural College, Bapatla is well-stocked with latest books on agriculture and allied disciplines and subscribes to National and International Journals and Magazines, Competitive Examination Material and Digital and e-Resources in Agriculture and Allied Sciences etc. The Regional Library, Agricultural College, Bapatla has very rich collections in print and non-print documents viz. books, e-books (CABI, Elsevier, CRC Net base, Astral), e-journals, databases such as J-Gate Agriculture and Biological Sciences (CeRA), KrishiKosh, DELNET, EWRFS-Statistical Data, Recently The Regional Library was shifted to newly established Building named as “Student Knowledge Centre”.

Library Hours:

The Library has open access system and a seating capacity for 150 readers. The library also has an air-conditioned E-Resource Lab, which remains open daily from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM. And also works on second Saturday and Sunday from 8.00AM to 2.00 PM

Library Services:

For effective functioning and maintaining easy accessibility to the readers, the Regional Library has been divided into several sections and using latest RFID technology and computerized through KOHA (LMS) Software.


Circulation Section:

The library is providing circulation through KOHA (LMS) Software for issues and returns of the books to the students and staff and also implemented Self-Checkout and Check-in Machines through RFID Technology to the Students and Teachers.

Textbook Section & Reference Section:

The Regional Library has rich collection of more than 25,000/- text-books, reference collection; the collection is strengthened continuously with the guidelines of Deans Committee and as recommended by the teachers.  Every year the libraries adding latest collection of books based on the recommendations of teachers. These Books are arranged by classified Catalogue Code and using through Bay Guides. The reference section of the library houses the reference books which are meant to provide quick and accessible information on any particular topic. Reference books include topics that are intended to guide researchers in their studies. Each copy of book recommended by Teachers & Students will be kept for reference in the section. Reference material is not meant for circulation.

Periodical Section:

This section has current periodicals and research Journals that are displayed on the racks alphabetically. This section also has back volumes of the periodicals that are bounded and arranged in an alphabetical manner. The library subscribes 16 foreign and 29 Indian journals yearly. For the subscription of these periodicals the college has spent Rs. 15,60,000/- during the year 2019-20. Collection of volumes in different subjects and latest publications available in the fields of relevant subjects. At present its collection is more than 5622 back volumes and 2109 dissertations and 28 Magazines.

Dissertation Section:

In this section consists of M.Sc (Ag) and Ph.D. theses submitted by the students of this college are arranged on subject wise and this can be referred only but not issued to the students and staff.

Book Bank:

The ANGRAU, Regional Library was providing important books under special book bank scheme for the benefit of the SC, ST and BC students. Special text-book collection has been built up at Library. Library have procured good number of titles and increased the collection for the benefit of the students.

Competitive Examination Cell:

A separate competitive examination cell has been established at Regional Library for the benefit of students those who are appearing for various competitive examinations for the better placement position and higher studies. This section provides the useful material which is very much required for the aspirants of ICAR Examinations, ASRB, ARS, ICAR-JRF/NET, UPSC, APPSC, GMAT, TOEFL and all Bank exams etc.

Daily Newspaper Section:

The Regional library subscribes to 11 daily newspapers in different languages viz. Telugu, English, which covers National, International and Regional News.

Reprographic Service:

The photocopying facilities available in Regional Library for providing photocopying facility to the library users and it has been put to maximum useand an amount of Rs. 0.50 paise is charged for each copy.


Online Public Access Catalogue (Opac) :

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is available at Regional Library. The readers can access the bibliographic details of the books, status of availability of books, alternative titles for search etc. using computer terminals. Books are being issued through using KOHA (LMS) Software in the Library.

Digital Library:

The Libraries proving digital library services to the users and all the libraries holds good number of digital library infrastructure facilities. Computers with latest configuration, Internet facility, Interactive Digital Board, etc. to utilize the electronic information resources for the improvement of academic and research activities. The library is equipped with 25 computers, U.P.S. facility, Printers etc. to access the e-Resources and also to browse the Internet. The digital library infrastructure facilities viz., Interactive Digital Board, Computers with latest Configuration, Internet facility, etc. are fully strengthening the Library as well as established digital library in Ag. College to utilize the electronic information i.e. CeRA,Krishikosh, India stat, CRC Net base e-Books, CABI e-Books, Elsevier e-Books etc. for the improvement of academic and research programmes. The Library is equipped with the sufficient number of computers with latest configuration and U.P.S. facility, Printers, etc. to access the e-Resources and also to browse the Internet. The internet facility is available. The Library has provided e-Resources/Online Resources to the latest information to the Teachers, Scientists, Extension Specialists, Students etc. to meet their research and educational information needs.


India Stat – Statistical Database: :

It is an authentic storehouse for socio-economic statistics about India. Provides statistical data, current happenings with a statistical approach, articles from scholars on subjects of social and economic importance etc.


The EPW Research Foundation (EPWRF), is providing Agricultural Statistics module, on  this module it presents an all-India level time-series data on area, production and productivity of major food grains and non-food crops, horticulture and plantation crops, etc. It also provides data relating to distribution of agricultural land by use, agricultural area under irrigation (giving source-wise and crop-wise coverage), further it gives data on production and use of agricultural inputs (viz., seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and electricity).

e-Books Taylor &Francis:

The Library has provided more than 210 CRC Net Base e-Books on Agriculture and allied sciences which can be accessed through I.P. and User ID and Password basis.The e-Books are very much useful to the Teachers, Scientists, Extension Specialists and Students to browse the important content on agricultural and allied sciences.

e-Books CABI:

The University Library has provided service 510 CABI e-Books on perpetual basis and on DVD. Which has Unlimited access from the year 2000 to 2010 and provided access to all the ANGRAU Colleges via I.P. range and on User ID and Password basis. e-Books are useful for the Teachers, Scientists and Students to browse important agricultural content by sitting anywhere anytime and these will improve the quality of research and save lot of precious time of the Students, Teachers and Researchers.

Elsevier e-Books on SciVerse Science Direct:

Elsevier e-Books/e-Books on SciVerse Science Direct provide the comprehensive and reliable content that researchers need, the accessibility and search ability that researchers want which alone cannot available in print sources. can access via I.P. range and on User ID and Password basis.


Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA):

The ICAR has provided Consortium On-line e-Resources service called CeRA.(Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture) under NAIP project from 2008 onwards. It is providing access to nearly 2900 journals in agriculture and allied disciplines. The user ID and Passwords have been circulated to all the Colleges of the University, Research Stations and to all the patrons of the University to utilize the e-Resources effectively-Gate Agriculture and Biological Sciences: It has also provides access to Online e-Journals Portal called J-Gate Agriculture and Biological Sciences under CeRA for the year 2013-2014.(which covers data from January 2001 to present).


AgriCat is the Union Catalogue of the holdings of 12 major libraries of the ICAR Institutes and SAUs. It has been created with the partnership of OCLC WorldCat.Angrau Library is also a member library in AgriCat/World and contributed nearly 35,000 bibliographical records. The Regional Library also provided the Agri Cat service to the students and staff.

Krishi Kosh :

KrishiKosh is an Institutional Repository under National Agricultural Research System (NARS). The repository of knowledge in agriculture and allied sciences, having collection of old and valuable books, records and various documents spread all over the country in different libraries of Research Institutions and State Agricultural Universities (SAUs).M.Sc and Ph.D thesis submitted by students are upload in Krishkosh to provide access to the users.


DELNET Provides access to more than 1.75 core bibliographic records of books, journals, articles, CD’s etc. The internet Library loan/ document delivery services are one of the most popular services of delnet. The main objectives of DELNET are to promote resource sharing among the member libraries by collecting storing and disseminating information by offering networking services to users.


The University Library has implemented EzProxy middleware software to provide remote access to web-based licensed resources offered by the library. The EzProxy server authenticates library users against local authentication authorization. It enables  to access all the Library subscribed online resources in a single platform and to download full text articles through EZProxy server without any IP Address.


The Library is bringing out the following publications regularly for the benefit of Teachers, Scientists, Extension Specialists and Students.

Sl.No. Name of the Publication Periodicity Form
1. Current Agricultural Titles Quarterly Print
2. Library Bulletin Yearly Print



RFID Electronic Library Security System:

The Library has implemented RFID Technology security system to protect valuable library documents from theft, misuse, pilferage etc. The security system ensures in protecting library material and customized for entrances and exits of library users.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been implemented in Regional Library under the ICAR Library Strengthening Scheme. RFID Technology is useful in inventory of items, stock verification, hassle free check-out and check-in of items etc. RFID Chips have been programmed and inserted in books.

Electronic Surveillance CCTV: 

CCTVs are installed in all library sections for surveillance and monitoring of every section monitoring movement of users to protect the Library Material from pilferage, misuse and also for security activities in library.

PGS-501 Library Services Course:

Offering PGS-501, Non-Credit Library and Information Services Course to the PG and Ph.D. Students. The main objective of the course is to educate the users on how to access resources of library, search strategies, online educational resources etc.

Orientation Programme:

The Regional Library is being conducting Orientation Programmes for newly admitted U.G., P.G and Ph.D students about the library system, rules and regulations, access to library facilities and services.


The Regional Library is regularly conducting training cum and awareness programmes on e-Resources on accessing online information resources viz., CeRA, CABI, , e-Books, e-Journals, Databases etc. for the benefit of Scientists, Teachers, Students, Extension Specialists