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The Agricultural College Farm was initially started in 1945 on a leased land at Machavaram Village, 17 Km away from Agricultural College, Bapatla for a period of five years. It was later shifted to the present location  in the year 1950 having an area of 176 ha. Cashew Research Station and Gram Sevak’s Training centre were allotted 60 ha. The present total area of the farm is 116 ha.  It is situated at an altitude of 5 m above mean sea level at 80º 30’ E longitude and 15º 84’ N latitude and 8 km away from the Bay of Bengal and 3 km away from Agricultural College campus. The soils of the college farm vary from sandy soils of coastal belt to black soils of deltas.

  • Imparting practical knowledge and skills in cultivation of crops to the students of agriculture.
  • Providing research facilities to the Post-graduate students of agriculture.
  • Foundation seed production of rice varieties.
  • Maintenance of Crop Cafeteria and Technology demonstrational plots.

The farm was divided into 5 blocks for administrative convenience viz., Wetland block, Northern block, Orchard block, Southern block and Yard block.  Each block is under the control of one farm manager.

Details of various field facilities Area (Ha)
Total Farm area 116.00
Agroforestry 3.81
Cultivable area (Wet + ID + Aqua) 66.71
Wet 48.29
I. D 18.42
Aquaculture 07.95
Roads, buildings, canals, etc., 19.53
IMD + Forest Department 1.40
ARS + SWS(Agril.Research Station & saline Water scheme) 24.55

Block wise area

Type Area (Ha) Speciality to conduct Instructional / Research / Hand-on training etc., for students
Northern Block 33.58 UG: Practicals are usually conducted in southern block of college farm by raising field crops. They are also involved in various field operations in progress in the farm
PG &Ph.D: Experiments are conducted in different blocks of the college farm as per the requirement of land for different crops taken up by the students. Every year, approximately 9 to 10 ha area is allotted for PG &Ph.D trials
Southern Block 28.15
Wetland Block 4.00
Orchard Block 9.22
Godowns& stores 1.58