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Sports and Games are essential for both physical and mental fitness of students. As per curriculum, Dept. of Physical Education offer a course to the First B.Sc. (Agriculture) with title Physical Education (COCA – 100) with credits 0+1, which is purely a practical based course with the main objective of improving the physical skills and fitness of the students with standard rules and regulations. Finally, by the end of such practical exercises, students will be able to develop sound body and sound mind, build good character and promote teamwork.

The College is having enough infrastructural facilities for both outdoor and indoor sports and games. The outdoor facilities include pavilion, well maintained fields (or) grounds exclusively for cricket and football. Enough ball game courts viz., Ball-badminton, Volleyball and Basketball, are also available. The track facility is also available.

The Gym room is well equipped can accommodate 20 students. The common Gym room is in addition to the Gym rooms available at Hostels.

The state-of-the-art Indoor stadium is available for students, which has dressing rooms, shuttle badminton courts, table tennis room, chess room, caroms room, Yoga room and small meeting hall.

Every day, students utilize the facilities in both the sessions viz., morning (6.00A.M to 8.00 A.M) and evening (4.00 P.M to 7.00 P.M) and were trained under supervision of qualified Physical director.

Physical Education

Dr. D.Ramesh

Assistant Professor

Smt. B Naga lakshmi

Physical director

Sri. Y. Ankamma

Physical Director