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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Shaik Abdul Salam

The college NCC comprises of one company 114 A/22 operating under the control of 22 Andhra Battalion NCC, Tenali since 1957with a total strength of 100 cadets drawn from all the four years of B. Sc(Ag) and B.Tech (Ag.Engg ). It was successively headed by Mr.T.Lohidas (1957-60),Dr .D.Gopala Raju (1960-62),Dr.T.D.Nagabhushanam(1962-64),Dr.C.SubbaRao (1964-65), Dr.V.Satyanarayana (1965-67), Dr.N.GovindaRao(1968-69), Dr.T.Vijaya Kumar(1969-72),Dr.U.Venkateswarlu(1972-82),Dr.A.Ravikumar(1982-95), Dr.V.Sankara Rao(1995-2001) and presently by Lt.Dr.G.Ramachandra Rao(2001-2012), Dr. D.Ratna Babu (2012 to date).

Lt.Dr.G.Ramachandra Rao underwent a special training at Officers Training Academy at Kamptee near Nagpur in Maharashtra for 90 days (from 10-12-2001 to 9-3-2002) and refresher course for 30 days from 18-10-2004 to 16-11-2004. Our cadets regularly attend the training classes in the campus .He is awarded with Service Medal in NCC in recognition of his services to NCC. He has attended three Combined Annual Training Camps at Bapatla(Twice) and at Parchur and One Army Attachment Camp at Secunderabad.

Cadets will be given institutional training in foot drill and in military subjects like Map Reading and Weapon Training .Service activities (Tree planting, Traffic Control, Adult Education, Blood Donation, AIDS awareness Programme, Anti-Corruption week and Adventurous activities such as Cycle expediton and rifle firing). A total of 149 cadets were sent for combined annual training camps at various places in the state. A total of 100 cadets were given special training in firing the latest weapons like 7.62 bolt action rifle and Light machine gun and carbine machine gun at 6 AP SP Firing Range at Undavalli near Mangalagiri in Guntur District

Many of our cadets are distinguished in participating Nationla Integration Camps during 2001 at Malkapur in Karimnagar and in 2002 at Malkapur and Pandupindra in Punjab),Army Attachment Camp(during 1983,1987,1989,1990 and 2003 at Secunderabad).Basic Leadership Camps (during 1991 at New Delhi and in 2003 at Mehsana in Gujarat)Independence Day Camp (during 1980 at Secunderabad),Trekking camp(during 1983 at Manali, Himachal Pradesh and in2001 at Madgoan (Goa), Parasailing Camps (during 1992 and 1993 at Nagarjuna University,Guntur), Special National Integration Camp at Chakabama in Nagaland (during 2005).

Cadets who had two years of experience in NCC and put a minimum of 75% attendance in the training classes and attended at least one camp are eligible for “B” Certificate examination. Cadets with “B” Certificate and with one year experience in senior NCC Division with 75% of attencance in the training classes are eligible for “C” examination .During the period 1991-94, 35 cadets obtained “B” Certificates and 17 cadets obtained “C” Certificates .During the period 2001-2002 to 2007-08 a total of 102 cadets got “B”Certificates and 32 cadets got “C”Certificates.